Heat Wave of 2018 and watering advice


Only a number of weeks ago  i was taking about rain and flash flood. Now we have experienced the longest heat wave in the last 5 years. We now find our gardens in desperate need for some rain as our water butts run dry.

The dry spell has slowed the rate of growth dramatically with lawns in no need of weekly cuts but at the price of lacklustre brown lawns. Hanging baskets and pots are requiring daily watering while water companies are urging for us to use our water sparingly. Apply the following tips to help your garden cope in the hot weather.

Watering Advice

Water plants during the evening. Watering at this time of day will result in less evaporation and give the plants more time to absorb what they require.

Water directly at the bass of the plant to avoid wastage and to provide water where it is needed.

Situate plants in shade where possible and place in a saucer to reduce water run off.

Do not stress over your brown parched lawns. Reduce how often they are cut and increase the height of the blades during the dry spell. They will soon green up again once we get the wetter weather.

When watering established border plants water them well and less regularly. Less frequent watering will encourage roots to look deep for a water source. The addition of a mulch will greatly help water retention.

When planting pots and hanging baskets consider addition of water retaining gel so that your plants will require less watering.