“Our planting and shrubbery service is designed to ensure that your garden is tailored to meet your specific requirements, guaranteeing great results.”

Hedge Cutting

We have a variety of hedge cutting equipment including long handled equipment to manage and control hedges. We can also offer new hedge planting service and advice. Whether it’s a one off job or part of a regular maintenance regime. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Hedge cutting services we provide

A fresh hedge cut will keep your garden neat and structured even if other areas of the garden are getting unruly.

Our hedge cutting services include:

  • Regular maintenance trimming to keep the hedge looking neat and tidy
  • Shaping the hedge to fit into a particular landscape design
  • Reducing the size of an overgrown hedge
  • Removing dead or diseased sections from the hedge
  • Clipping the top of the hedge to encourage bushier growth
  • Removing branches that are obstructing views or blocking light
  • Clearing the debris and disposing of the clippings responsibly
  • Giving advice on the best techniques and timings for hedge cutting.

Hedge Cutting Resources

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