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With our garden design Background and knowledge of plants we can provide planting schemes to suit your requirements. We can supply the plants and planting material. We can also supply a maintenance schedule.
We can undertake, tree planting, hedge planting, bulb planting, complete border planting and also filling gaps into your existing planting scheme. We will take into consideration what you hope to achieve from your planting. For example, attracting wildlife, low maintenance or fragrant planting. We can also base our planting schemes on garden themes or styles from a certain era, such as Elizabethan, medieval or Victorian.
Plant selection will depend on your garden conditions, how much sunlight the garden gets, the soil type, how well the soil drains etc. We can advise you suitable plant options to consider that will work for your garden and your preferences

Professional Pruning & Plant Care

Different plants require different attention. There are many different pruning strategies that must be performed on different plants. Correct pruning will enhance the plant health, improve its overall form and improve its flowering capability. Also pruning at the correct time is important to avoid certain plant disease. We can identify how and when to prune to get the most out of your plants.
We can also undertake fruit tree Pruning.


Lawn Maintenance & Improvement

Whether you just want your lawn cut periodically or whether you want that Bowling Green lawn, we can get it up to standard. We provide mowing, aerating, scarifying, top dressing, weeding and feeding services. We can provide a yearly mowing schedule or simply work week by week.
We also have a ride on mower so we can deal with your large mowing requirements.



If you’re old lawn is looking a bit tired or you require a completely new lawn we can take care of this for you. We only use top quality turf and topsoil. We can carry out the project from start to finish including clearance, site preparation and levelling to laying your new lawn. We can also carry out topdressing and seeding as well as other lawn care requirements. Please get in touch with images of your garden and we can advise how best to proceed


Hedge Cutting

We have a variety of hedge cutting equipment including long handled equipment to manage and control hedges. We can also offer new hedge planting service and advice. Whether it’s a one off job or part of a regular maintenance regime. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.


Horticultural Advice

We offer a free garden advice service. Please email your enquires with photos and we aim to get back in touch with you within 24 hours at no charge. We can also provide a garden consultation which would be a chargeable service. We can then provide a full written report for your reference. Get us in and we can discuss a plan of action for your garden.

Garden Clearence

Want to start from a blank canvas? No matter what the condition of your garden, whether it be waist high in weeds or an existing garden with hard and soft landscaping that you wish to clear we can work to suit your needs. We carry heavy duty equipment suited to this task and can arrange to have all the waste removed.


Path & Patio & General Treatments

We can carry out pressure washing, weeding, moss removal, weed treatment services. We are also happy to carry out fence painting, furniture treatment and many other tasks to offer a complete garden service.


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