“Our planting and shrubbery service is designed to ensure that your garden is tailored to meet your specific requirements, guaranteeing great results.”

Professional Pruning & Plant Care

Different plants require different attention. There are many different pruning strategies that must be performed on different plants. Correct pruning will enhance the plant health, improve its overall form and improve its flowering capability. Also pruning at the correct time is important to avoid certain plant disease. We can identify how and when to prune to get the most out of your plants.

We can also undertake fruit tree pruning.

Pruning and plant care services we provide

Correct pruning will help you get the most out of your prized planting display

Our pruning and plant care services include:

  • Shrub pruning: This involves cutting back overgrown shrubs to keep them healthy, rejuvenated and in shape while encouraging a good flowering display.
  • The end of season herbaceous cut back to get your garden tidy for the winter period.
  • Small Tree pruning such as lifting the canopy or formal training of young trees
  • Hedge trimming: Cutting back hedges to keep them neat and tidy while ensuring minimal wildlife disturbance
  • Fruit tree pruning: shaping fruit trees to stimulate growth and improve the quality of the fruit.
  • Deadheading: This involves removing dead flowers from plants to encourage new growth and a prolong flowering period.
  • Pest and disease identification and treatment.
  • Weeding competing plants or weeds

Pruning Resources

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