Rainy Days!

Our climate

What can we expect in the British climate? Unpredictable and unforgiving weather. After a glorious bank holiday Monday where temperatures reached 29 degrees and allowed me the opportunity to start of some much needed and long awaited work if my own back garden. Now less than 24 hours later we have thunder and lightning and flash flooding in places. A week in February this year work was cancelled due to heavy snow fall just days after a working in glorious sunshine. We must be flexible if we are to work along side are British climate. Britain’s wet weather provides much of the natural beauty in our country so I don’t begrudge a drop.


Credit to my team today who battled through the worst of today’s weather to do the work they were able. Much work has ben postponed. It simply would not be appropriate to do some of the required work such as applying weed killer or cutting grass. Apologies to all clients who we were not able to reach today.

Thanks to all service providers who continue to work in the poor conditions. From road mechanics and all those people who helped with the localised flooding and even to the postman who knocked on my door still with a smile this morning remarking “it’s not too bad”

On the bright side

Rainy days like today do allow an opportunity for tool maintenance and other admin tasks. Our garden plants wont require watering and the rain will help keep our lawns lush and green.
Hopefully we shall get more sunshine again soon so we may go out and enjoy our gardens in time for the weekend.