Spear and Jackson Plastic Leaf Grabber Review

Spring is on its way and now might be a good time (if you haven’t already) to think about getting out into the garden to clear up some of the mess left by Autumn in order to get ready for the fresh bulbs and growing grass we have to look forward to!

I can recommend a gardening tool that while not strictly essential, has been a blessing when it comes to dealing with the waste the end of year usually brings to our gardens.

As you can imagine, when it comes to Autumn and Winter, a lot of our work right up until Spring time can be dealing with waste, especially leaves, and there are many places we work at that get absolutely smothered.

Last year though, before the leaves started to fall, I came across as a product on Amazon that I decided to take a chance on, and I’m so glad I did! I ordered myself a Plastic Leaf Collector by Spear and Jackson. Before I get into my thought’s including pros and cons and whether I think this is a product you yourself consider getting, here are some details about it:

Item Dimensions L x W x H140 x 50 x 14 centimetres
Item Weight1.21 Kilograms
  • 500 mm (19 1/2 Inch) wide collecting blades
  • Overall length of 920 mm (36 Inch)
  • Non-slip grips

The best thing about this product is definitely how easy they make the job of collecting leaves. It’s not heavy at all, in fact it’s quite light, yet they’re very strong and can hold quite a lot of weight rather exceptionally. And it’s not just leaves they’re very efficient at collecting but any garden waste including fresh cuttings, twigs, or any other garden waste you might rake or sweep into a pile.

The one fault I’ve found in hours of using this product is that occasionally the screws where the two handles meet in the middle can sometimes get a bit loose, but they’re easy enough to screw back into place and they only tend to get like that if I’m picking up quite a lot of heavy waste.

I would definitely recommend this product for you if you have a large garden or a particular problem each year with a lot of leaves. This can also really be handy for people higher in stature who doesn’t want to have to lean down constantly to pick up waste and for anyone who might struggle with some of the more psychical demands of gardening.

I personally would not be without this product now. It is definitely worth any penny as far as I’m concerned.

If you’re interested in buying this it’s available on Amazon and lots of other retailers.