The Day to Day at 4AllSeasons

I first started working at 4AllSeasons almost three years ago in April 2018 and for the most part the work is the same now in 2021 as it was then.

We, as a company, strive to do our best and work our hardest no matter the weather conditions (it’s especially difficult first thing in the morning this time of year as it can often be wet and gloomy!). Despite this, it’s definitely so rewarding to get to see how everything changes month after month with the end of one season and the start of another. It really is true that the smallest of details like the flowering of a shrub that just weeks before looked bare and colourless, can really be quite satisfying and make you appreciate just how wonderful gardens can be.

Much of our work is with regular clients, where we work year-round to maintain and beautify their garden, carrying out tasks appropriate to the current season. It’s easy to forget sometimes how quickly a garden can get overrun if left to its own devices. Pesky weeds will sprout up just about everywhere and during the Autumn entire spaces can become completely smothered in leaves and make even the tidiest of gardens look like an almighty mess, which we can rectify. In the Winter there is always some seasonable pruning to do but also with the growing season behind us we can take the opportunity to catch up on some tasks and plan future development and projects.

While regular work is rewarding, getting into a garden that needs some extra TLC can be a really exciting experience especially¬†when you reflect on how the garden has grown and developed throughout our service. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve started a job in an overgrown, out-of-control garden and in the space of a few hours been amazed at just how much better it can look after a good cut back and tidy up. It can make the world of difference. And when the outside looks nicer, you’re bound to feel brighter yourself. Gardens can definitely have that effect on people.

The work we do most tends to be weeding, cutting back, hedge-cutting, lawn-mowing, planting, and feeding of plants and shrubbery. For me, mowing a lawn can make all the difference to a garden and there’s nothing quite like the smell of a freshly cut lawn, especially in the summer. And it can give a real finished look even to a garden that maybe still needs a little bit more work!

We work well together as a team and each worker has their own skills and expertise that we can bring to each task at hand. Above all, we work hard to try and please our clients and we love it when the customers can interact with us and feel as if they are part of the process.

If your garden needs a bit of work, do feel free to get in touch, even if you are not sure you want to proceed or would like to take advantage of our free advice service. We’re currently running a competition for a free gardening session for essential workers like teachers, NHS staff, and shop assistants. If you or anyone you know deserves this special treat after working so selflessly during this past year, you can enter the competition via our Facebook page, and who knows, it might be your garden we come and tend to next!

Until next time, stay safe!